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Just a few of the reasons why Game Meat is great!

Just a few of the reasons why Game Meat is great!

Game meat is good. Not only does it taste awesome but it’s also good for your health. Let’s take a look why!

Firstly, game lives freely in Nature. It eats what it finds and what its instincts dictate: and that’s a diverse diet containing various kinds of grasses, herbs, buds, seeds, acorns, bark, leaves as well as many other things. That sign on the food you buy at the grocery store, Free Range. Well, all game meat is free range. No label required. It has lots of exercise, lives according to its instincts and its true nature, which also ticks the “happy animal” box. 

Why game meat is for the conscientious consumer

Why game meat is for the conscientious consumer

More and more people are looking for healthier and more environmentally friendly alternatives to what the major food manufacturers and restaurant chains are offering. 

For this reason as well as for animal welfare reasons an ever increasing number of people are trying turning to alternative diets including vegetarian or vegan, flexitarian, the list goes on.

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