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Sustainable conservation starts and ends with data and facts

Professional and responsible wildlife management is essential for our community to thrive, to protect our heritage & values. But to do this we need to collect and monitor accurate data.

Pick the right gun for the right purpose

HAMS.online is the most advanced habitat and wildlife management software and recreational area access management service on the global market. HAMS.online suits all types of land from family farms to hunting syndicates through to larger hunting areas and clubs all the way up to state & country-wide forestries, game reserves, safaris and national parks.
Even if your land and forests are situated across multiple countries or areas, HAMS.online provides you with all the toolsets to get an accurate, real-time overview of your properties based on the actions and reports made by hunters, shooters and your game managers and forestry professionals.

for Clubs & Lands

Estates, syndicates, hunting and shooting clubs, and landowners all benefit from using HAMS.online. Less time spent on admin, lower costs, free advertising of hunt and shoot offers, the free jobs board, simplified finance management, game stock and harvest reporting.
All designed to make your land and venture more valuable.
The “Estate” features of HAMS.online have been designed for the needs of those who manage a hunting or shooting clubs, landground or an estate, or one land or forest

for Hunters & Shooters

Are you looking for hunting and shooting opportunities? Are you looking for lettings and lands for lease? Do you want to collect your hunting memories in one place? Are you a member of a club and you are required to manage your bookings, reporting with HAMS?
Seasoned hunter or new to the community?
You are in the right place!
Register now and here and enjoy our free trial period! iSportsman ARX for HUNTERS is the ultimate starting point of your life-long hunting journey.

for Enterprises, Forestries

The Enterprise feature set has been designed for the needs of organisations managing multiple, geographically separate and large areas.
Ideal for forestries, nature parks, reserves and safaris.

Management of cross-country, cross-border forests and lands and all the licencing and permitting and payments of all types of recreational activities are easy with HAMS.

HAMS.online for Sporting Agents & Outfitters


Find your best advertising partner in HAMS.online. Advertise your hunting and shooting opportunities and find new partners for free with HAMS.
Sign up and start advertising today, get in contact with estates, farms and forestries that are using HAMS.online already.

Our partners in the conservation & preservation of our values include:

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HAMS.online is in daily use on more than a million hectares of land, by thousands of game and land managers in more than 30 countries. Watch our quick tour to understand why the real professionals and self-regulating managers choose HAMS.online.

The HAMS opinion

HAMS articles cover a wide range of wildlife and game management topics.
Communicating wildlife conservation to the general public

Communicating wildlife conservation to the general public

Three young, early-career wildlife professionals from different countries; David Chandrasekhar (Australia), Paige Hellbaum (U.S.), and Thabang Teffo (South Africa) held a panel discussion about communicating wildlife conservation to the general public during the 35th Congress of the International Union of Game Biologists in Budapest, Hungary.

Who is Saint Hubertus and why is he the Patron Saint of Hunters?

Who is Saint Hubertus and why is he the Patron Saint of Hunters?

The legend of how Hubertus converted and became the patron Saint of hunters and importantly why he is symbolic of our respect for nature as a community.

A brown hare live capture

A brown hare live capture

Like any other hunt day, the day started early. By the time we woke, the sun still hadn’t risen and it looked set to be wet, gloomy and overcast, so it was straight on with the warm coats and wellies.

Due to the decrease of the Hungarian brown hare population, we had a 2-hour drive from the North Hungarian Mountains to the Great Plain that ranges from the central to the southern and eastern borders of the country. This is the region where numerous brown hare populations can still be found.

As we arrived at the edge of the small Hungarian village the sun decided to greet us although the beauty of it wasn’t enough to quell our hungry stomachs. Fortunately, you can always trust in Hungarian hospitality and we were welcomed with hot coffees and teas and freshly baked “pogácsa” (a traditional tasty Hungarian treat similar to cheese scones).

So with our stomachs finally content, we could turn our thoughts to the day’s schedule.

By the time we arrived, one out of three captures of the day had already been completed, so, after the introduction and the quick breakfast, we were placed on two tractors and headed to the field where the second capture was to take place.

After lining the beaters up in the muddy field (which was definitely not an easy task) we were ready to go...

But how exactly does a live capture work?


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