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    Recreational land access and habitat management
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  • Know who is where on your land at any given time
    Increase safety for guests & staff
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  • Create custom licenses and permits, sell them, monitor access to your land through check-in and checkout, collect and analyse data
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Responsible, sustainable conservation starts and ends with data and facts

Professional and responsible wildlife management and conservation is essential for our community to thrive, to protect our environment and natural heritage. However, to keep our traditions and natural treasures we must collect and monitor accurate data.

  • "The HAMS online system is a great tool to bring together several manual processes into one easy to use system. Collecting and reporting accurate data is crucial to all land management roles especially with the current scrutiny we are under from a wide variety of stakeholders. As well as making life easier for our members the HAMS system offers evidence of best practice and enhances the duty of care to guests, visitors and colleagues when working in remote areas. After using the system for a few weeks, territory and game management actually become enjoyable tasks with trends and anomalies becoming easily identifiable."
    Tony Stevenson
    Head of Business
    Scottish Land & Estates
  • "HAMS is a modern online system, that will help us meet current and future business needs for a lettings and licences management system ensuring we maximise the benefits of technological advances. It will help support the management of wild deer and game on Coillte’s estate, through improved quality of the data collected. With the introduction of workflows it will also help streamline the tendering process and also help simplify and expedite the sharing of data captured. The system will facilitate for better communications with our users and allows them to check in and out when hunting which is a key risk control to help us manage safety on the estate."
    Bernard Burke
    BAU Leader
    Coillte Forests | Coillte
  • "HAMS is designed professionally in every aspect. HAMS supports the everyday life of wildlife professionals, solving a number of issues for land and estate owners, gamekeepers, secretaries and shooters. I have personally never seen anything like this before - certainly not at an international level. As the Chairman of an Estate as well as Secretary of a County Chamber and the Master of Hunts for the county, I wholeheatedly recommend the use of HAMS to every person related to hunting and wildlife management and conservation!"
    Denes Toth A.
    Secretery of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Hunters Chamber, Hungary

From country-wide forestry to family farm HAMS.online gives you the functions you need

HAMS.online is the most advanced recreational area access management service and habitat and wildlife management software on the global market. Depending on the size and needs of your land or venture HAMS.online can be an enterprise resource planner, a document and workflow management system, but for a family farm HAMS.online is an app that gives only the tools you really need.
Even if your land and forests are situated across multiple countries or areas, HAMS.online provides you with all the toolsets to get an accurate, real-time overview of your properties. Based on the actions and reports made by your visitors, bird watchers, deer managers and forestry professionals you can get acces to charts, graphs and custom analytics that help you to manage the land better and based on facts and accurate numbers.

for Landowners & Estates

Features designed to make your land and venture more valuable.
Easier and better guest and staff management, spend less time on admin and plan and overview your management activites easier. Manage your habitats and game stock using the available best technologies based on best practice wildlife management methods.

for Deer and game managers

Do you plan to go into the woods, to go for a hike or a nice bike trip up on the hills? Or are you looking for a land to lease? HAMS.online is the right place for you to purchase licences and permits to get access to locations at those organisations that use HAMS.online to manage their visitors, guests and land leases.

for Forestries & Other uses

The enterprise feature set has been designed for the needs of organisations managing multiple, geographically separate and large areas. Ideal for forestries, nature parks, reserves and safaris.
Management of cross-country, cross-border forests and lands and all the licencing and permitting and payments of all types of recreational activities are easy with HAMS.online.

Our partners in the conservation & preservation of our values include:

The HAMS opinion

HAMS articles cover a wide range of wildlife and game management topics.
The use of camera traps in wildlife research*

The use of camera traps in wildlife research*

* Based on the study of Bijl, H & Heltai, M. (2022). A narrative review on the use of camera traps and machine learning in wildlife research. Columella - Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, 9(2): 47-69. DOI: https://doi.org/10.18380/SZIE.COLUM.2022.9.2.47

A mighty roaring red stag in autumn, a swiftly moving fox, or even the cute newborn wild boar piglets in spring.

Every hunter or game manager who uses a trail camera on their hunting ground knows the excitement when the camera captures something.

However, hunters and game managers are not the only ones using these handy tools.

So for what kind of applications can camera traps be useful?

Read more
AI Meets Wildlife Conservation: Machine Learning in Wildlife Research*

AI Meets Wildlife Conservation: Machine Learning in Wildlife Research*

* Based on the study of Bijl, H & Heltai, M. (2022). A narrative review on the use of camera traps and machine learning in wildlife research. Columella - Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, 9(2): 47-69. DOI: https://doi.org/10.18380/SZIE.COLUM.2022.9.2.47

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more prevalent in our everyday lives. From the words we type into a search bar to dealing with medical records. This is just as true in wildlife conservation where the use of AI is becoming increasingly more prominent. 

Although the use of AI in wildlife conservation is still in its early stages, there are already good examples available which we are going to take a closer look at below.

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The return of the apex predator in Europe*

The return of the apex predator in Europe*

* Based on the study of Bijl, H & Csányi, S. The reasons for the range expansion of the grey wolf, coyote and red fox. Review on Agriculture and Rural Development 11(1-2), pp 46-53. DOI: https://ojs.bibl.u-szeged.hu/index.php/rard/article/view/44112

Many wildlife species are making a comeback in Europe after being low in numbers or completely absent for a long time. 

This is also the case for one of the most iconic species in the world: the grey wolf. 

The grey wolf is the second largest predator in Europe (the brown bear being the largest). 

They are beloved by many but at the same time, not everyone rejoices in their return due to their predatory nature. The human-carnivore conflict has been a longstanding issue ever since humans lived alongside wildlife. 

Therefore, the resurgence of the wolf is being heavily debated among conservationists, hunters, policymakers and many other stakeholders.

But what has made the return of this species successful in the first place?

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