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Are you responsible for a syndicate, a club, estate or farm?

Try out HAMS now.

Countries available

HAMS is continuously adding new countries but if your country isn't listed, send us a message and we will add it.

Features overview

HAMS is a comprehensive wildlife and habitat management tool and is proven to save estates and syndicates time and money, improve safety and better protect habitat and wildlife.


HAMS lets people search for opportunities and provides them with all the information they need.

Game management

With HAMS you can easily maintain up to date and accurate data, easily producing any required documentation.

Land & facility management

Protect your land with real-time satellite views showing gun locations as well as key features.

Drive planner

Plan and design your events, and produce professional documentation including health and safety regulations, land specific rules and any additional information your guests require.


With HAMS you can record transactions, receipts, contracts, and store and attach invoices saving time spent on accounting.

Bookings, reports, sightings

Make bookings wherever you are, whether from your phone out and about or from the comfort of your home computer - HAMS is there whenever you need it!

Statistics, reports, heat-maps

HAMS can be used to produce documents and forms: filtered charts, graphs, lists, top-lists and heat-maps for everything you need.

Data exports

You can easily export all required data from HAMS into spreadsheets for your own use or for official reports.

Register and start benefiting from HAMS now!

Are you responsible for one or more syndicates, or estates? HAMS is popular with syndicates, estates and land managers.

Made to benefit... you!

HAMS can easily be adapted to meet all your different requirements. Get in touch to discuss how HAMS can benefit you.

Lease and land managers

By signing up to HAMS you are demonstrating your commitment to conservation.

Estates, clubs and land.

HAMS can handle all your different needs, including local rules and practices.

Public land managers

HAMS is flexible enough to provide appropriate, high quality solutions whatever your needs.

Estates and land

Provide guests with data about the land, including recent and historical harvest data.

Multiple Estate Management

You can manage multiple club and land accounts and access aggregated stats and charts.

Member & employee management

Estate admins can add users through the admin system.

Role Management & Access

Role settings help you to control the access of information, data and features.

Guest management

If your guests don't have a HAMS account simply add them as a temporary member.

  • "HAMS is a brilliant programme that is useful in the planning of every aspect of gamekeeping and land management, from my use of the system the options are endless, planning of shoot days, buying and selling shooting, finances and land management all from one system, I'd definitely recommend to both single handed Keepers & Estate managers, definitely a way to save time & can make your life a lot easier!"
    Max Hickling
    Gamekeeper, United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland
  • "HAMS is designed professionally in every aspect. HAMS supports the everyday life of wildlife professionals, solving a number of issues for land and estate owners, gamekeepers, secretaries and shooters. I have personally never seen anything like this before - certainly not at an international level. As the Chairman of an Estate as well as Secretary of a County Chamber and the Master of Hunts for the county, I wholeheatedly recommend the use of HAMS to every person related to hunting and wildlife management and conservation!"
    Daniel A. Toth
    Secretery of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Hunters Chamber, Hungary
  • "The new HAMS system was really helpful in getting us on Turkeys. It was easy to reference the spots marked on the HAMS system rather than spending time hunting for the spots you told us to check out."
    Jason Phillips
    Southern Indiana

Register and start benefiting from HAMS now!

Are you responsible for one or more syndicates, or estates? HAMS is popular with syndicates, estates and land managers.


As hunters and software developers we know and understand the importance of security. We have been designing and developing custom built, high-security software for over 15 years. HAMS is fully GDPR fully. What rights our users have and how we manage and store personal data are all in our Terms and Conditions.


From a technical point of view the two major methodologies we use are “Security by design” and Test Driven Development. Both require detailed planning and testing of the software code at the highest level. These are essential for protecting all the data stored in HAMS.


We personally use HAMS so we are also protecting our data as well. Personal information (names, phone numbers, contact details) are only visible when necessary: for instance, when you apply for an offer and when you are a member of a club or an estate. It’s important to note, you have the right not to add any contact information you choose not to.


We understand that hunting can be a sensitive subject and therefore our system does not provide any search function for finding HAMS users. It is impossible for someone to register or filter out any kind of user list. No one can look for or search for you to see your harvest records or your personal data.


You have the right not to provide any personal data. Though, as you can understand, there are cases where it is necessary for communication.


Times are hard and HAMS is keen to support the community. Our pricing reflects this.
How many subscriptions do you need? Select one option:
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2. Buy a package for your guests and tenants. Ideal for syndicates and game management units.

For the first user


    For the person who registers the estate, club or tract HAMS is free and will always be free.

We want to help everyone from the small family run syndicates, to the outfitters and game managers.
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Annual membership

€72 /Licence

(Billed annually)

    For this, you get complete use of all the features and benefits of HAMS including the wildlife and habitat management software, shoot offers, job listing, discounts at partner organisations and much more.

Price includes VAT. Please note that payment transactions are made in EUR.
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Country or state level

Contact us

    If you want to discuss memberships for 2,000+ users call us to discuss!

Contact us if you have custom requests, or if you want to integrate your hardware or software with HAMS.

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Office hours are 8 am to 7 pm. We are here to assist during these times.

HAMS UK & Republic of Ireland

Alan Salisbury // Business Development Director
Phone: +44 7487 231065

HAMS HUNGARY Division & Product Development HQ

István Lakatos // Product Development Director
Phone: +36 30 950 33 82

HAMS USA // iSportsman ARX

Doug Howlett // U.S. Business Development
Phone: +1-757-550-2556


Henry Fuhrhop // Business Development Germany
Tel.: +49 151 12713492

If you have any questions, please write to us:

Alan Salisbury
Hi, my name is Alan

Feel free to contact me if you need a presentation or a chat about how HAMS will help you

Phone: +44 7487 231065
Alan Salisbury
Business Development Director
István Lakatos
Good morning!

If you have a technical question please contact us.

Phone: +36 30 950 33 82
István Lakatos
Product Development Director
Doug Howlett

Feel free to call me anytime you need information on HAMS.online.

Phone: +1-757-550-2556
Doug Howlett
U.S. Business Development
Henry Fuhrhop

If you have any questions related to HAMs and its features, feel free to contact me!

Tel.: +49 151 12713492
Henry Fuhrhop
Business Development Germany
The HAMS company
  • HAMS is built and maintained by Bit and Pixel Kft which has more than 15 years of experience in the design and development of custom built, high security systems and over twenty years of hunting and gamekeeping experience.
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  • - and if you are interested in representing HAMS, contact us via email.

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