How Estates Can More Easily Transition out of Lockdown

How Estates Can More Easily Transition out of Lockdown

Okay, so there’s a long answer and a short answer to this.

Let’s start with the short answer:


Because estates and land managers know that with proper game management they can reduce their costs, minimise waste and increase profits. Subsequently, when things return to normal, in spite of what is currently happening, they will have minimised the damage of the lockdown. 

Those that read our articles will know that the stats and facts time and time again show categorically (and we can argue this till the cows come home) that estates, shoots, tracts, clubs, syndicates, land (whatever you want to call them) that accurately manage their land and wildlife turn more profit, show better wildlife diversity, and thrive for longer than those that don’t.

It also goes without saying (though I’m about to say it anyway,) when bookings and administration are carried out online without the need for personal contact, social distancing just isn’t an issue.

So that was the short (ish) answer but what the long one. Well, let’s take a look and those estates and shoots that are faring well during the lockdown.

First up, estates that don’t solely rely on hunt tourism.


  • Estates where regular members pay a certain type of fee (whether that’s rental fee, a subscription fee or a membership fee) are still continuing to go out on the land and so these forms of incomes aren’t being impacted.  
  • Estates that make money from game meat sales
  • Estates that make money from antler/trophy sales

Next up, estates that use online booking systems.  


  • Online booking systems have zero requirement for physical interaction 
  • By using an online booking system a vast amount of admin is automated and even improved.
  • The work they are doing is required to maintain the land and the wildlife and is therefore deemed essential. 
  • With help of a booking system anyone on the land’s safety and security is covered 
  • Management is informed about who is where and what they are doing. All of this without physical interaction.
  • Pest control and game damage protection can be managed remotely 


In a recent survey 99.7% of HAMS users said they would recommend the system.

So take ten minutes to sign up HERE, add your land, and have a look around.

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