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  • With easy to use features like
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    harvest and observation log mapping
    wildlife and land management has never been so easy and accurate
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  • HAMS provides an easy way to build
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Our mission

Our mission is to build an international community between sport hunters and wildlife professionals whose goal are professional game management, conservation and long-term sustainability through monitoring and data collection. Responsible wildlife management and conservation start with facts.
So, don't just talk about sustainable conservation... Take action!


HAMS provides a lot of different features that ensure that game populations, clubs, and lands are efficiently overviewed and managed.

Increased safety

HAMS users benefit from the improved safety of guests, club members and staff. The zone feature of the system is designed to help you simultaneously control and manage different groups and individual hunters wherever they are on your land.


Keep your wildlife populations healthy and in good condition by monitoring the condition of harvested animals and monitoring the population size and harvest. This features will help you to make an annual harvest plan so you will have an overview of the status of different species in your area. This way, managing the different species and population sizes will be much easier and overharvest will be a problem from the past!


Want to protect the future of our lifestyle? HAMS provides a feature where you can record all unfamiliar movements, sounds and observations on your land. Simply check your land's map to see who should be there and if nobody is meant to be there... call the police!


The best marketing of your land is to have the best quality game. Show your guests how responsible and talented your team and you are, show the quality of work you do for their passion and for conversation. Advertise your hunt opportunities for free.

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HAMS is the complete event management, checkin system, marketing, trading, finance, stock and game management tool made by wildlife professionals for land owners and hunters or other outdoor enthusiasts all around the world. Our goal is to save you time and money, protect our environment, and build the very best tool for wildlife management and conservation.


Take hunting and game management to the next level by accurately showing the location of gun stands, forbidden firing lines, beaters route as well as much more. Simply upload the safety regulations and standards or use our template and print out your complete event schedule including a satellite-view map and share it with your guests.


HAMS ensures you, your guests and your staff avoid any dangerous situations by accurately showing which part of your land is occupied by a hunter in real-time at any given moment.


If a guest hasn’t checked-out before the planned ending of the hunt, HAMS will automatically alert the land managers or land-owner that person may need assistance.


HAMS is powered and supported by the greatest field-sport and conservation organisations with skilled and respected forestry engineers, wildlife professionals and scientists to help you raise and manage top quality game populations. In addition, by using HAMS with the data recordings you start to support the conservation efforts of the organisations.


All the tools you will need to manage, not just your game population but the whole habitat, is in HAMS. You don’t need to think on what type of data to record, what measurements you can do to track and review the game, everything is in HAMS. If you want to analyse and review your strategy, with just a few clicks you get all the information in easy-to-understand charts and graphs, heat maps and more. Compare the data and changes year by year.


In addition, HAMS records automatically a vast amount of addition useful data to your record. For example, moon phase, pressure, wind speed and direction, temperature and more. You don’t need to measure and record these information as they are all just there. All you need to do is to use the check-in and out features. You can easily collect and overview the data you need in order to accomplish your game management strategies based on the check-ins and harvest reports.


Know what is happening on your land with a few clicks from any time, anywhere! Wildlife management is hard work and requires dedicated people and a lot of time and effort. By using HAMS you can reduce the time you need to overview what is happening on your land.


The Service log helps your team to record and store the most important information related to everyday tasks and duties and the management will be informed right away about the most important and urgent issues and tasks.


Do you have busy days in the season? Your staff is sleeping on the land and you cannot see each other for days or weeks? Take a look at the Check-in book and the live map and you can see where and when your colleagues and guests are and overview what happened during the hunts.


Even the finances and document management is easier with HAMS. You can store and record all your financial assets, incomes and outcomes. Did you know that HAMS gives you a chart on the incomes/expenses balance by showing you the predicted income based on the features of your hunt adverts?


Use the hunt offer features of HAMS for free. HAMS is where you can manage the participants and last minute offers with just a few clicks. Try it out now if you don’t believe it! Use the pressure maps as a sales tool to plan the stalkings with your guest.

Countries already available

HAMS is constantly growing and never stops. We've been adding and setting up new countries continuously. If you cannot find the country where your land or club is, just drop us a message and we will let you know when you can enjoy the benefits of HAMS.

HAMS for Landowners, Land Managers and Hunting Clubs

Learn more about what HAMS provides for Hunting clubs, Landowners and Land managers. It's free to register.
In addition HAMS is entirely free for the land, club manager. Try out HAMS now!

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For individual hunters HAMS is the ultimate platform to find hunting opportunities and to have the best hunting diary. And if you are a club member it provides even more. Try out HAMS now for free and find out how HAMS will benefit you.

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  • "HAMS is a brilliant programme that is useful in the planning of every aspect of gamekeeping and land management, from my use of the system the options are endless, planning of shoot days, buying and selling shooting, finances and land management all from one system, I'd definitely recommend to both single handed Keepers & Estate managers, definitely a way to save time & can make your life a lot easier!"
    Max Hickling
    Gamekeeper, United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland
  • "HAMS is designed professionally in every aspect. HAMS supports the everyday life of wildlife professionals, solving a number of issues for land and estate owners, gamekeepers, secretaries and shooters. I have personally never seen anything like this before - certainly not at an international level. As the Chairman of an Estate as well as Secretary of a County Chamber and the Master of Hunts for the county, I wholeheatedly recommend the use of HAMS to every person related to hunting and wildlife management and conservation!"
    Daniel A. Toth
    Secretery of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Hunters Chamber, Hungary
  • "The new HAMS system was really helpful in getting us on Turkeys. It was easy to reference the spots marked on the HAMS system rather than spending time hunting for the spots you told us to check out."
    Jason Phillips
    Southern Indiana

Latest blog posts

Our blog posts and articles cover all the topics from wildlife and game management to food and current issues of our community.
What exactly is wildlife management and what is its connection to hunting?

What exactly is wildlife management and what is its connection to hunting?

Now more than ever, we need to focus on protecting our planet and the conservation of it. With one of the main problems being climate change, with every year that passes we are losing more and more species to extinction. Understandably, we are becoming more concerned about the future of both ours and the next generation’s lives.

Some blame politics for this; some blame our way of living, some say that hunting contributes to it, and some of us, we take action…

But how can we take action? What can we do to play our part?

Well, as part of our ongoing series today we are going to look at wildlife management and ask what exactly is wildlife management, what role does is play in conservation, and how can hunting help in the fight against biodiversity loss, and... finally, is it really that important?

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The crucial role of predators and predator management

The crucial role of predators and predator management

There are many aspects of successful game management, some of them are straightforward and obvious, whilst others are less clear and often induce heated but professional debate.

Falling into the latter is the necessity and various methods of predator control.

Let's take a closer look at this contradictory topic.

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South Yorkshire Shooting Show & Game Fair

The South Yorkshire Shooting Show & Game Fair will be held at the Doncaster Exhibition Center @ Doncaster Racecourse on 28th & 29th September 2019.


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