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With a personal subscription you can enjoy the features of HAMS without constraints, no matter if you change clubs regularly or if you are just looking for shoot opportunities. Create your personal account now and enjoy the benefits of HAMS!

Features overview

Enjoy the benefits of your Personal subscription to start collecting and recording your personal hunting data sets. You will also be able to move between landowners, clubs and outfitters easily that adopt the Hams system, so spread the word! Your personal account will also give you access to posted hunting opportunities both near and far, our hunting community is without limitations. Your user settings can be tailored to give you access to custom notifications about last minute calls for hunting offers.

Hunting opportunities

Browse and search our hunting opportunity database. Our database is free for landowners and hunting outfits to setup their lands therefore supplying a lot of opportunities to you. Encourage your favorite hunting companies to set their lands up on HAMS so you can inquire about their harvest data and hunting pressure maps. This shows their interest in giving you greater peace of mind about your experience with their hunting opportunity.

Digital Hunting Analysis

HAMS stores all of your hunting locations, observations, harvests, notes and any other details you want record all in one place. HAMS allows for instant pic placement on the satellite if your pictures were taken with location services on. Future innovations will allow you to cross check your hunting data with weather conditions, wind directions and moon phases. You can easily use this data to plan your hunts more efficiently.

Picture Uploads

Our innovative system not only stores your pictures securely when you upload them but they will also automatically load them to your hunting map in the place where the pic was taken if your location services were on. Save time constructing maps by just taking pictures of your stands, feeders, harvests and other key features of your hunts; then load them and watch them appear directly on your satellite maps!

Deal Alerts

In your user settings you can allow HAMS to directly notify you when a last minute hunting deal hits the market. You can fine tune these alerts to species, geographical locations and more!

Checkin management

Your personal HAMS Account allows you to be easily added on tracts you are authorized to hunt on and gives you the power to manage your check-in/out protocols in just a few clicks.

Club membership management

If you have memberships in more than one club, you can manage your bookings in one place.

Pressure & Safety Map

Take a real-time look at what zones are being hunted on and which zones are available on a tract where you are authorized to hunt. You can also look at historical trends to find the places that may not have been hunted or harvested on as much.

Community Engagement

You are always in control of what specific information you share with others. If you harvested a giant you may want to keep it quiet or may want to post it to HAMS for other hunters to enjoy. You can set HAMS either way while still entering in your harvest and informational data.

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No matter you are a member of one or more clubs or you just love to travel and hunt around the world, your Personal subscription provides access to all features always without commitments and limitations. Enjoy the benefits of a Personal subscription.

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