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Announcing the HAMS Job board

Announcing the HAMS Job board

Covid-19 has hit our community hard and to a lesser or greater degree we have all been affected. Thousands within our community have already lost their jobs around the world with a lot more facing redundancy if the coming season is negatively impacted. Hunting tourism has all but disappeared and a lot of the traditional revenue streams of estates are at an all time low.

As you know, here at HAMS we are focussing on how to support our community, how to reduce costs whilst making conservation and game management easier and better. This is why we have created a free advertising platform for estates, landowners and associates to advertise their vacancies. Everyone who is involved in fieldsports, hunting and wildlife management.

This coupled with the existing features of HAMS which have proven to reduce the cost of administration, and encourage contactless management of guests and staff. 

Our job board provides a platform for both:

  • estates, syndicates, clubs and lands with job vacancies to fill
  • People looking for a job.

If we can help at least 1 member of our community then it was worth it. 

If you want to take your part in helping, please share this article wherever you can by clicking on this link: (we should solve to share the article somehow immediately on Facebook.) 

Let’s help each other, and make our community stronger than ever.

Here’s how to use the HAMS job board...

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Regionale vertegenwoordigers
  • - Als u bekend bent met wildbeheer en de jacht
  • - en als u geïnteresseerd bent in de vertegenwoordiging van HAMS in uw land of op regionaal niveau, neem dan gerust contact met ons op via e-mail.

Maak deel uit van dit geweldige team van internationale professionals, laten we samen de toekomst van wildbeheer bouwen.