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Why Sporting Agents and Outfitters Love HAMS

HAMS is the world's fastest growing hunting community with users across the globe. By signing up not only will you have access to that community but you will also be helping to ensure the preservation of our traditions, of our way of life, and are taking a proactive step in supporting sustainable wildlife conservation. As well as listing your offers HAMS helps you fill last minute cancellations. The system automatically alerts hunters and guns about sales and discounts via email. You can even set up detailed, trophy weight based price tables and many more additional features to make your adverts as appealing and informative as a printed brochure.

Some of the many benefits of using HAMS for sporting agents and outfitters include:

Free access to our international community

It’s completely free to list as many opportunities as you want. No fees. No commission. No fuss.

No commission

We don’t charge any commission. We never will. It's as simple is that.

Free to sign up

HAMS does not charge any subscription fees to estates, agents, outfitters, or landowners to list hunting opportunities.

No tricks or hidden fees

Listing opportunities is one of the many additional benefits we provide our community. We will therefore never contact your partners directly as HAMS does not rely on advertising hunts.

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It is time to be part of something big! Don't miss the opportunity to get in contact with our international community of hunters, conservationists and wildlife professionals!

With HAMS you can:

- advertise daily hunts
- promote longer trips
- add generic full season offers
- fill last minute cancellations
- reach a new global audience
- target your ads for specific regions, markets, countries
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